Preceptor Alpha Iota

Preceptor Alpha Iota is are a small group of 10 active members most of whom reside in Calgary’s Northwest. Since we are a Chapter with many years of experience in Beta Sigma Phi, we have enjoyed establishing guidelines and traditions in a casual format that work well for our membership.

Our Chapter is a Career Chapter meeting in homes the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Being a very creative group, our programs lend themselves to hands on crafts, cultural outings and interesting speakers. We are very flexible as to the format of the program.

We have a number of socials annually such as a Christmas Dinner, New Years Brunch and a BBQ in the spring. Our partners are included in some of these events.

We welcome interested, active ladies that would like to join us.

Executive Council

President: Janice Smith
1st Vice President: Dale Pearson
Treasurer: Pat Robusky
Recording Secretary: Hilary Williams
Corresponding Secretary: Michelle Child-Schmitt
Council Rep: Peggy Nordlund Alternate: Agnes Jossul