Preceptor Alpha Kappa

Preceptor Alpha Kappa is the newest preceptor chapter in the Calgary area as it was officially organized in July 2003. However, it was formerly know as Xi Alpha Chi--the Okotoks contingent in the Calgary area.

Although most of our members are in the Okotoks area, we have several members from the south of Calgary who find it easier to travel a few kilometres south than to fight city traffic. We meet in homes on the second and fourth Monday of each month.

As a career chapter, the first meeting of each month is a business meeting while the second meeting is a program meeting. We are an energetic group ranging in age from the mid thirties to the mid-sixties. As a result we have members with young children, teenagers and grandchildren.

Since occupations run from participation in business to health care to education to homemakers, the range of interests of our group is also broad. In the past year, we have had programs on the history and making of various type of cheese, to the "colors" of personality, to the history of the Famous Five. Other activities have included the Nanton Art/Antique Walk and a "wild weekend" in Canmore.

As service projects, we donate scholarships to the two local high schools, take part the "Run for the Cure", donate to the Food Bank and a local women's shelter as we well to other local needs groups. The funds for these activities come from Regal sales, a garage sale, and an in-home shopping afternoon.

Anyone who lives in the southern end of Calgary or the Okotoks, Turner Valley, Black Diamond region, etc. and would like to visit our group, please get in touch with Karen Buschlen at

Executive Council 

President:                            Trudy Paisley
Vice President:                    Barb Keeler/Joanne Wood
Treasurer:                            Anne Jonker
Recording Secretary:           Judy Niven
Corresponding Secretary:    Diane Baher
Council Rep:                        Judy Gregory/Kathy Skinner